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Companie Of The Silver Arrow - Hertfordshire based living history group - Your refuge from the bustle of daily life
Companie of the Silver Arrow Semper Paratus (Always Ready)

Companie of the Silver Arrow.

Experienced archers, and well skilled in weaponry they live for the spilling of blood in exchange for coin or anything of value. Mostly these men are Loyal to Richard, Lord Welles. Richard, once Lancastrian, swore allegiance to the Yorkist King Edward IV after Towton and was pardoned at Gloucester.

Having fought in many campaigns across  Europe

much of their encampment has been gained

through fair and foul means.

“A Welles, A Welles“

Whilst our archers are away fighting our camp

followers will prepare for their return. Food will be prepared

and the youngsters will amuse themselves with medieval games and learn all about camp craft.

There are always plenty of chores to do and skills to learn. The water needs collecting and the fire wood prepared. There are clothes to mend and arrows to make.

Our pictures show a typical camp set up. All items are hand made in as true a style of the time as is possible. We also use traditional  building methods where we can.

These pictures were taken at the medieval event at

Herstmonceux Castle

About Companie of the

Silver Arrow

Formed in August 2009 by four friends interested in longbow archery and the history of the longbow, Companie of the Silver Arrow is Hertfordshire’s  re-enactment group specialising in life in the 15th century.

What is re-enactment?

The group is open to anyone interested in Medieval life and you do not need to be skilled in the longbow or anything else as we will help you pursue any interest you have and need ‘camp followers’ as well. If you would like to join us then contact us for further information

The future

Our goal is to have fun recreating life in the 15th century for the enjoyment of the group members and members of the public through events we attend.

Typical Camp set up

Camp life

The camp was awarded 2nd place in the Living History competition at Herstmonceux Castle in 2016.

This is the third year in a row for us and a great reward for the effort put in by all COTSA members

Prize Winners