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Companie of the Silver Arrow Semper Paratus (Always Ready)

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Richard, Lord Welles (1431-1470), was a prominent Lincolnshire nobleman and a former Lancastrian. His father, Lionel, had been killed fighting for the house of Lancaster at the Battle of Towton in March 1461. Although Welles was attainted by the first parliament of Edward IV, his son Richard, who had himself fought for Henry VI at the Battle of St. Albans in 1461, submitted to the new king and regained his father's lands. Perhaps because he was related to the Neville family, Welles was also allowed to assume his father's title in 1468.

The Welles uprising in the spring of 1470 provided Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, with a second opportunity to overthrow Edward IV. Early in 1470, Richard’s son Sir Robert Welles, and his brothers-in-law Sir Thomas Dymmock and Sir Thomas de la Lande attacked the manor house of Sir Thomas Burgh, a Lincolnshire gentleman who was Edward IV's Master of Horse. Richard Welles was summoned to appear before Edward IV for Robert’s actions. Richard was executed on the field before the Battle of Loosecote in 1470 before both armies. Richard’s son Robert then led the rebel army against Edward IV at Loosecote.

 Semper Paratus

Companie of the Silver Arrow.

The year of our lord 1461.

Experienced archers, and well skilled in weaponry they live for the spilling of blood in exchange for coin or anything of value. Mostly these men are Loyal to Richard, Lord Welles. Richard, once Lancastrian, swore allegiance to the Yorkist King Edward IV after Towton and was pardoned at Gloucester.

A Welles, A Welles”

 be thy battle cry

Not wishing to provoke the Yorkist King, Edward IV, Richard sends his men along with their families to act as personal bodyguard to his half-sister Cecily de Welles, wife of Sir Robert Willoughby at Kings Langley, the site of the old palace of Edmond the first Duke of York. Retained men earn little whilst being rested and so once more these men take arms as mercenaries to wear the badge of the Companie of the Silver Arrow and any livery that takes their fancy including the colours of the Lord  Welles with their own Silver Arrow badge upon it.

Paul Hanson is Karen’s husband and is the groups first ‘combatant’ archer. Paul is multi skilled and able to turn his hand to most things including metal work, carpentry and even sewing.

Mistress Karen Hanson is Paul’s wife and joins us on the battlefield. She will also be seen around camp weaving and cooking. Karen is best described as the camps ‘MUM’

Peter Grand is the Household Captain and takes his troops to any battlefield fighting for the Lord who happens to be paying the most on the day. Peter is the impatient one in the group who likes everything done yesterday.

Peter McKeown is Carol’s husband and is an accomplished archer and keen to ensure the camp is well represented in competition and on the battlefield. His main ambition in life is to purchase Peter’s Yew bow. Tracy Pearce    Tracy is learning all facets of camp life Mistress Josephine Louise Stonard official banner bearer as we make our way to battle and general camp maiden. Josephine is married to Mark Lionel Isaacs - Formidable archer and keeper of the butt. Lionel is also one of the camps carpenters and can often be seen working away with the carpentry team. Steve Churchill - a fighting archer of extreme skill and another camp member who has a wealth of knowledge to share with visiting guests Mistress Amy Roskilly-Green is Ben’s wife and great all round camp member and a competent archer. Amy is the Mistress of The Scrolls and can be seen wax seal making in camp Mistress Tracy Churchill Wife of Steve and expert weaver. Tracy can been sen working with the other ladies and always has a beaming smile. Simon Moss - a fighting archer and the latest member of the COTSA household to take up the sword and buckler. He is also one of the camp cooks. Mistress Ruby Moss daughter of Simon and often seen playing in camp and practicing her drumming skills Mistress Karen Raphu is Peter’s partner and is learning the art of archery and the ways of women in camp life Tony Wyatt fighting archer and general camp life. Father of Harry and Amy Harii Wyatt young fighting archer. Son of Tony and brother to Amy Mistress Valerie Rutherford - other half of our Apothecary and wife of Julian. Assists Julian administering lotions and potions as required Chris Sadler    Chris is one of the newest COTSA members and is learning all facets of camp life and a fighting archer Carmen Winch  - newest member of the camp and learning camp life and archery Mark Stonard   Mark is one of the newest COTSA members and is learning all facets of camp life and archery. Married to Mistress Josephine Mistress Amy Wyatt- daughter of Tony and sister to Harry,often seen playing in camp and practicing her drumming skills Julian Rutherford - our Apothecary, married to Mistress Valerie  and archer.  Looks after the welfare of the camp with various lotions and potions Mike Abbey - our Health & Safety Officer and archer - married to Mistress Ros. Ros Abbey - camp cook produces wonderful Medieval dishes and wife to Mike Aaron R Purcell    Aaron is one of the newest COTSA members and is learning all facets of camp life and a fighting archer Emmy Warwick    Emmy is one of the newest COTSA members and is learning all facets of camp life and a fighting archer Roseanne is our ‘Lady’ of the camp and can be heard praying for the safe return of all as they leave for battler Derek Archer    Derek is one of the newest COTSA members and is learning all facets of camp life Jess Archer  Jess is one of the newest COTSA members and is learning all facets of camp life and a fighting archer